James 1:27 Pure and Genuine Religion is the sight of God The Father means caring for the Orphans and Widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Our vision is to care for the young and elderly. We currently have 8 Feeding Centers where we help provide a nutritious meal to School Children, Sunday School Children, and Elderly. Outside the Feeding Centers we have numerous needy families that we are also providing food for. God is so Good!

Currently we have 3 of the 8 schools sponsored. You, your Sunday School, or your small group could sponsor a school where together you would feed approximately 2,000 meals a month. It is about $250 a month to feed a school of about 100 students. For about $300 a month you can sponsor our combined Elderly Feeding Center where together you would be providing about 7,000 meals. You do the math and you will find out that…God IS THAT GOOD!!!

If interested you can contact us by email…mpmgod4u@aol.com or misspamp@aol.com. We can also be contacted on Facebook Messenger…Mike Patton or PaMela Hughes Patton.